Great Circuit Workout


Great Circuit Workout!

Here’s a little something you can try at the gym. You can adjust the weights as you need. This workout should take about 45 minutes to complete including the warm up. Have FUN!

Great Circuit Workout

Treadmill – 5 minutes (walk) / 5 minutes ( jog) 5.0-6.0 mph

Core: ( Superset all three exercises)
Sit Ups  3×10-15  ( your choice)
Russian Twist  2×20-40 ( total)
Superman  2×12

A1- KB Swings                                3×12 
A2- Roman Chair Knee Lifts   3×15 


Jumping Jacks 2×50 reps           Rest about 1:30-2:00 minutes ( Hydrate during this time) 


Bench  Press                   x20,15,12,10 8,
Bent Over Plate Row  3×5 ( 4 sec Neg)
Lying Hip Bridge w/ Abduction  3×15 –


Mountain Climbers 2×50 reps  Rest about 1:30-2:00 minutes ( Hydrate during this time)


C1- DB Front squat + Press        3×15
C2-DB RDL                                        3×10
C3-Bench Tricep Dips                  3×10-20

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