If you really want to burn calories do this workout..

Great Cardio Workout for you to try.. Enjoy! Rest 30 seconds between each set.

Warm Up
Jog in place 30 seconds
High knees 30 seconds
Log Jumps 30 seconds
Ickey Shuffle 30 seconds
T-High Knees 30 seconds
(3 sets)
Stretch for 4:00 minutes then start the workout
Treadmill Sprints 45- seconds
KB Swings 45- seconds
Push up step 45 seconds
Leg Swings over chair 45 seconds
(3 sets)
High Knee Punch on Bag 30 seconds
Wheel Roll Out 30 seconds
Step Ups with Press 30 seconds
Battle Ropes 30 seconds
(3 sets)
High Knee Kicks 30 seconds each
Standing Knee Ext 30 seconds each
Balance w/Knee Pulse 30 seconds each
Knee Punch Skips 30 seconds
Hot Shoulders
1 set

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