Stretching Techniques: Dynamic Flexibility

Dynamic flexibility stretching consist of functional base exercises that are sports specific and used to prepare the body for activity (Mann & Jones, 1999) . Dynamic flexibility utilizes natural ability to increase flexibility and rasie body temperature (Gambetta, 1997; Mora, 1990). Hardy and Jones (1986) indicated that dynamic flexibility stretching, rather that static stretching, may reveal more about potential performance in specific sports. According to Hedrick (2000), dynamic flexibility programs require coordination and balance, and athletes will experience muscle soreness for a short period of time when performing a dynamic flexibility program.

Dynamic flexibility has received more attention as an effective stretching technique for improving range of motion (ROM) decreasing athletic injuries (Gambetta, 1997; Mora, 1990) than static stretching. Out of the stretching techniques that we’ve discuss over the past week this is my favorite. Dynamic flexibility can be used by the most elite athletes and sedentary people for gaining core development, coordination and most of all flexibility.

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