Make time for yourself.

Women!!! This year take the time to workout and better yourself as a person. You do so much for others but don’t take the time for “YOU”. So start this year off right. Schedule some time to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. It could be walking to your next appointment at a fast pace or setting… Read more →

Day 7 and 8

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in the last 3 days. But I’ve still been staying on schedule. Day 7Breakfast: Oatmeal, Egg Whites and 3 turkey baconsSnack: 20 AlmondsLunch: Chicken and Spinach WrapSnack: AppleDinner: 2 chicken breast, carrots and broccoli Workout:Cardio – Bike 3 milesCore: Bridge SeriesExercise:Clean Pulls 4 x 5Sit Ups 3 x 25Bench Press 4 x 12 ( 225lbs)SL… Read more →

Spiritual Food for the Day

Proverbs 28:25 A greedy man stirs up dissension, but he who trusts inthe LORD will prosper.

Day 4

Day 4- 7:00 -Breakfast: Grits, Eggs and Turkey Bacon. ( good breakfast really gets you going)10:00- Snack – 2 string cheeses12:00 – Workout1:00 – Lunch – 1 grill chicken wrap4:30- Snack – Protein Shake7:00 – Dinner ( TBA) I don’t know yet.. Workout: ( still on the body weight exercise routines) ( Anatomical Adaption Phase) Bike: 2.5 milesShadow Box –… Read more →

Rest and Recover

Day 3- Off Day Rest and Recover. Get ready for Thursdays Workout.

Day 2

Day 2: 6:00 am – Kenpo Training ( P90X video) – 45 minutes 7:00 am – Breakfast: Cup of oatmeal ( no sugar or butter) 2 Scrammbled Eggs ( with only pepper added) 10:00am – Snack String of Cheese and a bottled water 12:30 pm – Lunch 2 chicken Breast 1 cup of broccoli 1 cup of green beans 2:00… Read more →

The Spiritual food for the Day!

PSALMS 23:1 The Lord takes care of me as his sheep; I will not be without any good thing.



New Year Workout Plan

Okay it’s 2009 and time for a change. I will record all of my workouts and meal plan each day. Hopefully you will join me in my quest for excellence. My goal is to drop 20lbs I’m currently 6’1 and 248lbs. The goal of this program is to get Healthy, ripped, strong and sexy . So if you’re ready for… Read more →

4 Training Periods for Basketball

Have you ever watched the progression of a winning team through a season? If so, you probably noticed that they improved at peak times, not only in skill on the court but in physical aspects as well. When this type of development occurs across the board, it does not occur haphazardly. This takes place by breaking down training schedules into… Read more →