Energy Snack!!

As a coach I have extremely long days. I stay on my feet, running around, spotting athletes, screaming at the top of my lungs, hooping and jumping around for motivation every single day of the week. Of course I get tired during the day and need something to give me the boost I need to keep being the energetic COACH DORSEY. So here is one of my meal plans for the day.
1. 6:30 am โ€“ wake up and do 15 minutes of stretching and core work ( take Vemma vitamin)
2. 7:00 am- Breakfast- Egg White Omelet w/spinach, turkey bacon, and strawberries +H20
3. 9:30 am โ€“ Protein shake ( whey isolate- muscle milk) 20oz + banana
4. 12:00 noon- Lunch: Chicken Beast on a fully loaded salad + water and more water
5. 2:00- Workout + Drink a Verve
6. 3:30/4:00- Protein shake (whey isolate โ€“ muscle milk
7. 6:30- Dinner – More chicken breast, Vegetables ( a lot).. Water..
Sample snacks:Peanut Butter and banana Sandwiches
Bag of mixed nuts and fruits together.

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