Detours of Life

Trouble is inevitable but misery is optional.” -unknown

Detour (not always a bad thing)

Detours could be a blessing if you’re patient to enjoy the trip and take in the unknown scenery. Every valley (trouble, pain) we go through has a blessing involved. When everything seems to be “perfect” we feel good because we believe that Gods favor is on us. However, when things get challenging and we have to take that detour or walk through that valley we wonder if God is still there or has his favor left us because of our poor choices or decisions. I know I’ve felt this way plenty of times. As I was reading and meditating this morning I realized that going through a valley wasn’t a bad thing because at the end of that valley there’s a blessing waiting for you. ( you’re gonna see the end) 😁

Psalms 84:6 says this, “When they walk through the valley of weeping it will become a place of refreshing springs , the autumn rains will clothe it with blessings”.

Reflect on this verse today. Keep a positive attitude and never look back. I hope this encourages someone or gives you hope that things will get better so just keep believing and stepping forward.

As always Get Better! Have a great day.

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