Enjoy Ecclesiastes

Enjoy Life, It’s God’s Pleasure | Ecclesiastes 9:7-10

Did you know that God wants you to enjoy life? Today I wanted to share Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 with you.  My pastor shared this with us during a bible study and when I went back and meditated on the content and revelation in these verses. I was so excited.   If you haven’t read the book of Ecclesiastes I would recommend… Read more →

Great Circuit Workout

Great Circuit Workout

  Great Circuit Workout! Here’s a little something you can try at the gym. You can adjust the weights as you need. This workout should take about 45 minutes to complete including the warm up. Have FUN! Treadmill – 5 minutes (walk) / 5 minutes ( jog) 5.0-6.0 mph Core: ( Superset all three exercises) Sit Ups  3×10-15  ( your… Read more →

While we work ...

While we work …

  In the coming weeks, major changes will come to Right now, all of the archived blog posts can be accessed here. Eventually, they will be moved to the new New blog features rolling out this spring: Boot Camp fitness (Cleveland, OH area only) Sports Performance Training (Cleveland, OH area only) Sports Performance Workshops Exercise Demonstrations Sports Performance… Read more →