Last Week To Get it Right

Last Week to Get it Right.

Get it Right !! Well I’m not sure if you’ve been doing this challenge slash experiment with me but if you have I commend you on sticking it through.  I can tell you that I missed 2 days because my lower back locked up on me ( not from the workout but from a car accident I had 10 years ago)  But what I did was crank out more reps when I started back. I can tell you that I missed it when I wasn’t able to do the exercises but when I got back going my body responded well.  I’ve surely lost weight doing this and my body is leaner than it was when I first started.   Here’s the workout for this week.  If you feel like going 3 sets then go for it.  If you only want to do 1 set then you need to push harder LOL!   See you Next Monday . Happy Training


training with body weight

training with body weight

You should be familiar with the exercises by now.  Also, please remember to stop training if you feel faint.  There’s no reason to over exert yourself while doing this workout.  Drink plenty of water and stretch when finished.  Keep Getting Better.

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