Nothing But Body Weight Exercises – Week 1

Your body can act as weight during your workouts. Join me on a bodyweight exercise challenge for the next 24 days.

Nothing But Body Weight Exercises

Its all body weight exercises for a 24 days starting on March 5, 2018, thats Monday-Saturday.  I will only do these exercises and reps for Week 1 only.  Yes it’s a ton of volume but I’m super curious to see the results  I get with my focus being  BODY WEIGHT ONLY.

So that I’m clear, I will only be doing a variation of these exercises and following a proper diet.   Please join me on this fun experiment and workout. When doing this you may want to split your 100 reps up into 4×25 or 2×50 for the first week until you build up your muscle endurance.

Body Weight Workout

This is Day 2, 4, & 6 ( Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

Body Weight WorkoutI will be doing this workout with you so I may make changes weekly. When I make changes that means you need to make changes ( hahahahah) and we will all get better together!


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