Dr. Tredell Dorsey

What Everyone Should Know About Water

What is Water?Water is an important nutrient for you as athlete. Water makes up 60% of your total body weight and 70% of your muscles. Without enough water, you can’t work at your top level of performance and you may even harm yourself. The most important thing you should remember about water is that it cools your body. As you… Read more →

Body Weight Workout of the Week

Below is a simple body weight workout that can be done anywhere that has a chair and a floor. This workout can be done 3 times a week (MWF) in conjunction with cardio 2 times per week (T,Th). This program is designed to strengthen your core, tighten your glutes, and firm your chest. Crunches (feet flat on ground) 3 x… Read more →

Stretching Techniques: Dynamic Flexibility

Dynamic flexibility stretching consist of functional base exercises that are sports specific and used to prepare the body for activity (Mann & Jones, 1999) . Dynamic flexibility utilizes natural ability to increase flexibility and rasie body temperature (Gambetta, 1997; Mora, 1990). Hardy and Jones (1986) indicated that dynamic flexibility stretching, rather that static stretching, may reveal more about potential performance… Read more →

Stretching Techniques: Ballistic Stretching

Its Monday morning, 8 o’clock gym class. Students are trickling in talking about all the fun they had over the weekend. Coach enters and all the students fall into place. “Okay guys lets warm up first with our feet shoulder width apart,” he shouts, ” Lets get those hamstring. I want you to reach down and stretch those muscles good…. Read more →

Stretching Technique: Static Stretching

Static Stretching is a process whereby a stretch torque is slowly applied to the muscle and maintained at a lengthened position (Moore & Hutton, 1979; Ninos, 1995). Static stretching is the most common stretching technique used amongst athletes and individuals involved in fitness programs (Bandy, Irion, & Briggler, 1997) . Researchers investigating static stretching programs have utilized a stretching time… Read more →

The Stretch Reflex

Your muscles are protected by a mechanism called the stretch reflex. Any time you stretch the muscle fibers (muscles) to far (either by bouncing or overstretching), a nerve reflex responds by sending a signal to the muscles to contract; this keeps the muscles from being injured. Therefore, when you stretch too far you’re actually tightening the very muscles you are… Read more →


Flexibility is the range of motion about a joint or combination of joints. Lack of flexibility is frequently related to improper or poor technique as well as several injuries in athletics. The inability to squat, maintain a quality athletic position, or obtain an adequate arm stride length is influenced by poor flexibility, while tight hamstrings can injuriously affect the lower… Read more →

My Philosophy

My mission as a coach is to educate, enhance, and positively influence the lives of each athlete participating in my program. It embraces commitment to excellence, loyalty, selflessness, trust, respect, and faith in one another. I strive to build character, place accountability on each young man or woman and appreciate cultural diversity. I expect my athletes to not only improve… Read more →