Dr. Tredell Dorsey


Listen up everybody! I have a book that you really need to read. It’s called “The Church House” by Makasha Dorsey. The Church House is said to be one of the most captivating reads of the summer. Everyone that has read the book has been asking for the sequel. I’ll put it this way I’m not really into reading books… Read more →

Walk it Off!!

“Today is the day that I start working out.” How many times have you heard or made this statement to either yourself or heard someone shout it out of their mouth. Well its time for you to get of your butt and start doing something with the temple that god gave you. Here’s a very simple workout plan that you… Read more →

How to Get Ripped Abs

One question that is always consistent with new trainees is: How do I get those ripped abs like LL Cool J, Marky Mark, or Boris Kujo? Well I’m here to tell you that there’s no magic pill that you can take at night and wake up looking like the national spokesman for rock solid abs of steel. There are 3… Read more →

Bootie Blaster Workout

Here’s a routine that you can use to really target the Butt, hips, hamstrings and thighs: Day 1:Begin with a 15-20 cardio exercise (Treadmill, Elipticol, Stationary Bike jump rope or a walk around the track/neighborhood)Next Begin the Ciruit Training!!! Here’s the routine Workout: Butt Blaster ( Use 5-10lb Dumbells) Body Weight Squat Unlock your hips, sit back, descend slowly, and… Read more →

Losing that Butt …

I always get this question from women: How can I loose my butt, stomach or get rid of the flubber underneath my arms? First of all, please step away from the fast food and stop eating cinnamon buns during late night hours! Its funny because it’s true but I’m sure what I just stated will upset some individuals. Well ladies… Read more →

Why Am I Sore After I Workout?

I’m sure many of you have experienced that excrutiating pain that comes after an intense workout. The soreness sets in the muscles 24-48 hours after training and can last as long as a week. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The cause of DOMS is still unknown; however, inflammation is caused by abnormal accumulation of ions, extracelluar proteins,… Read more →

Effects of Nutrition and the Injured Athlete

Until recently, people with sprains or strains had few options for relief other than massages, physical therapy, muscle relaxants, pain pills and traditional ice/heat therapy. So I can clear up any misunderstandings on the differences between a sprain and a strain they are defined below. Sprain– is a stretch and /or tear of a ligament, the firbrous band of connective… Read more →

Coach, How Can I Run Faster?

I get tons of questions from parents and other people that come into my facility. The most common is: How can I, or my child, run faster? My reply: If you run more efficiently you will run faster. Running EfficientlyBelieve it or not, most people, including athletes, do not know how to run efficiently. That’s why performance training facilities, such… Read more →

What Everyone Should Know About Water

What is Water?Water is an important nutrient for you as athlete. Water makes up 60% of your total body weight and 70% of your muscles. Without enough water, you can’t work at your top level of performance and you may even harm yourself. The most important thing you should remember about water is that it cools your body. As you… Read more →