Are you ready to attack the fat?

  1. Attack the Fat! WEEK 2

Are you ready to attack the fat? because week 2 is all  about pushing yourself to get better.

I hope you guys are enjoying the workout from week one.  I can tell you that I’m sore but I feel good. I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of week 2.  I have added more reps and I’ve mixed up the exercises a bit so that we can continue to keep the body guessing during this week. Remember I’m doing this with you so ,I will be changing things up as we go.    Here’s the workout or this week.

attack fat

Jumping Jacks; Push ups; Sumo Squats; Hip Extensions; Quadruped Hip Circles; Seated knee in and outs

Note:  when you do all of these exercises one time I want you to pick one of the exercises and do another set  of the prescribed reps.  Example:   I just finished with the seated knee in and outs x100.  I’m going to rest for 2 minutes ( hydrate) and then I’m going to choose Sumo Body wt Squats to do for another set of 125 because I want to tone up my inner thighs and glutes.   Please do the same thing for the workout below as well.

Attack The Fat

Mountain Climbers; Split Squats; Superdogs; Tricep Dip; Plank Walk Ups; Side Crunches

This week will be a bit challenging so please make sure you are staying hydrated and getting at least 1-2 minutes of rest between each exercise. However, if you can push yourself through this as fast as you can and record your time each time that would be AWESOME.  Post your time on the page so I can see  how you’re doing and how your time compares to others.   Continue to have fun and enjoy life.  Take care of your body, mind and spirt at all times.   Let’s keep getting better.   Oh yeah.. My 14 year old and 10 year old started this with me as well so get your family involved as well.

Stay Blessed  and Happy training

 * If you can’t do all the reps at once please break them down in to sets. Just do your best to complete all the reps but don’t do more than your body will allow you to do.  Train Smart and modify if needed.

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