Are you getting enough sleep?

Make sure you are getting your sleep. Most healthy adults are made to be alert for 16 hours and need an average of 8 hours of sleep per night. However, if you are like me you can operate on just 6 hours of sleep and run like a machine throughout the day. I have met some people that must get 10 hours of sleep in order to perform at 100%. This to me is too much sleep because once you wake up your body is still in a sleep/rest mode which makes your day go by slow and boring. I recently, was talking to a client of mine about her workout. She told me that she couldn’t finish her workouts!! Come to find out she was only getting about 3-6 hours of sleep a day. Being a mother, at home mom, business owner and wife takes a toll on you when you’re throw working out in the mix of your routine. This is why I suggest that you get your rest so that you are ready to perform at a high level whether it’s working out, having business meeting, or just being sharp when doing paper work. You NEED SLEEP!! Getting sleep also helps your body rest and recovery to perform at a high level. You also burn calories and muscles grow when you’re properly rested. Furthermore, if you don’t rest your body will shutdown without your permission.. and we don’t want that to happen. Stay Healthy and GET BETTER

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