My word of the Year is “CHOICES”



This is my very first time choosing a word for the year to reflect on and assist in my new life with Christ.  The word that I decided on is CHOICE.  The Meriam dictionary gives the following definitions (1) the act of choosing (selection) or (2) power of choosing (an option). God gave us a choice in everything we do because ultimately it comes down to “Choice”.

In my past 20 years I have made a lot of GOOD choices as well as BAD choices that resulted in disappointments and excitement throughout my life journey.  Until last year, I didn’t fully understand how my choices affect more than just me but my family as a whole. I have felt the pain of losing everything because of my choices but I have also felt the joy and victory of gaining all I ever asked for from choices I’ve made. One example that came to my mind was going to a party in Providence, R.I where I made a choice to ask my now wife for her phone number. However, thats a story for another day.


While reading my morning devotion I realized that the story of Lot  (Genesis 13:5-18)  teaches important life lessons about life’s choices.  Abram (Abraham) gave Lot a choice of where to settle because there wasn’t enough land to support all the people and the flocks.  Lot decided to move to the beautiful Jordan Valley then eventually moved and lived in Sodom where he was an elected as a city official.  Lot was basically living in sin which is unpleasing to God. God eventually destroyed Sodom and Gomora but save Lot and his two daughters. His wife was killed because of her disobedience to not look back while fleeing from the destruction. She was turned to a pillar of salt, her choice was to look back even though she was told not to.   Lot and his daughters fled to a mountain located in Zoar.  Lot’s daughters decided to get him drunk because he was old in age and they selfishly wanted preserve a seed for him  and committed incest with him (Genesis 19:37-38).   The offspring became the Moabites and Ammonites who both embraced the same behaviors as the people of Sodom and Gomora. All this started with the choices that Lot made.



2017 will  be my year of “CHOICE” and I will make better choices that will result in positive and growth in my marriage, friendships and life. My first choice is to follow the will of God and I truly believe the rest will follow.

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