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Master Strength Coach CSCCa 2016 ClassOne of the best conferences of the year is the CSCCa (Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association). This is where we get a chance to learn more about whats new in the field, catch up with friends in the field, and see the up and coming training materials, devices, and equipment to try out and see if its right for your program. 

Master Strength Coach Dr. Tredell Dorsey

This year’s event was very special to me because I was inducted as a Master Strength Coach, which is one of the highest recognitions one could get in this field. I was inducted by one of my mentors, Ed Ellis of the University of Georgia who gave me my first job and taught me how to be a strength coach with a plan and vision.  One of the most important things about life is understanding your why and then knowing how to implement it in your career and family life.  Being a master strength coach will allow me the opportunity to help even more young and aspiring strength coaches with developing there WHY and show them how to pave their own way in the field.

I was also proud to receive my jacket at the same time as Jeff Oliver, who gave me my first internship at Holy Cross.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my journey and to all the athletes that I have ever trained. 

I greatly appreciate Chuck Stiggins and everyone else involved in this wonderful organization.

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